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Recruiters spend an average of 15 seconds reviewing each resume. Self Marketing Advantage (SMA) works with you to make your resume catch the eye of recruiters and get them to contact you for more information. Time and budget may influence your decision, so SMA has two different types of resume coaching plans:

This coaching plan is for the job seeker who is short on time and needs feedback from a professional. The SMA coach will review your resume, send comments, and then set up a 30-minute call to discuss it. During the call, the SMA coach will also provide high-level feedback on your  LinkedIn profile. The SMA coach will wrap up by evaluating the changes you made (to your resume) via a brief email.

The "Deep-dive" coaching plan is designed for the job seeker who needs assistance in putting the resume together. The SMA coach will work with the client to determine strengths and accomplishments, which will be the basis for creating an interview strategy. This plan consists of 3 sessions, and a total of 120 minutes of phone time with an SMA coach. You will receive:

  • a discussion of your desired role, industry, type of organization and geographic location (optional)
  • specific guidance on what you need to include on your resume for the particular role and industry
  • coaching on the content and format of your resume
  • a resume (re-written and re-formatted) 
  • feedback on the content of your LinkedIn profile
  • guidance on presenting yourself on the Internet through the use of on–line social networks and websites
  • a 10–minute coaching consultation over the phone at any point in your job search

Additional Sessions
If needed, additional coaching time may be purchased. All sessions are conducted via phone.

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"I´ve been with the same non-profit organization for nine years and want to make a move into a for–profit company. I sent my resume to a few positions that I felt qualified for, but I didn´t receive any responses. After working with Cathy Perez at SMA and incorporating her expert suggestions into my resume, I applied to another job and received an invitation to interview that same week!"

- S. B., Program and Events Manager
  Southern California

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