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The questions recruiters ask candidates may vary by their level of experience. Self Marketing Advantage (SMA) coaches you on what to expect, how to respond to questions, and how to handle difficult situations and still leave a positive impression. The prerequisite for this program is a completed resume or RESUME COACHING.

IN-PERSON PRESENTATION COACHING consists of coaching for in-person interviews, informational interviews, or networking events.  You will receive:

  • information on the process and what to expect
  • coaching on how to prepare for the meeting including research, suggested attire, appropriate questions, difficult situations, how to conduct a meeting over a meal, etc.
  • how to continue to leave a positive impression after the meeting has ended
  • a simulated meeting
  • constructive feedback and coaching of the simulated meeting
  • an additional 30-minute coaching consultation over the phone at any point in your job-seeking process

Additional Sessions
If needed, additional coaching time may be purchased. All sessions are conducted via video-conference. 

Learn more about SMA´s experience reviewing resumes in a variety of industries.

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"I was starting to feel discouraged about my job search since I was getting very few interviews. I thought I had a really well–written resume and I didn´t understand why I was getting such a low response. SMA helped me determine the type of positions and companies to focus on, then we re-wrote my resume to showcase my accomplishments. Through this exercise of clarity, SMA helped build my confidence. Then I sent out my ‘new and improved’ resume and got a positive response right away! SMA coached me on how to interview for those types of positions in that particular industry. I feel much more confident and it was invaluable help that I've never received before."

- Theresa, Job Seeker
   New York

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